14 thoughts on “41 Things Every Successful Business Website Should Have

  1. These are some really great tips for new bloggers. I had to learn the hard way a few years ago. I know I need to get a little more consistent with making my blog more readable to people on screens.

    • Hi Nakeya,

      So glad you found these tips useful. And yep, we all go through learning the bad and the good on our own too! And at least you know what to focus on, so I’m sure you’ll get there for mobile.

  2. I was literally working on setting up my website when I saw this on Facebook. This stuff is gold! I’m going to implement a lot of these suggestions right now.

  3. Some good tips, Ali. Though my website has been up for awhile, I found some useful information here. I might add one thing which I’ve found undermines the credibility of the site owner all too frequently: proofread your copy, then proofread it again, or, if you can, hire someone to proofread/edit what is going out to the world with your name on it. Nothing screams “unprofessional” like misspelled, misused, or worse, omitted words.

    • Hi Sheri,

      Yes, you’re totally right that spelling and grammar is SO important! And it definitely raises a red flag for me to see multiple spelling mistakes.

      Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello Ali, phenomenal post!

    I just did a post on business website that totally complements with yours. Mine has different approach, as I focused on why a freelance business should have a website. You can check it here:


    I’m planning to do another on websites for freelance businesses, and yours is great so I’m thinking on linking your post from mine!

    • Hi Andres,

      Aw thanks so much! And yes that is an important thing to have for a freelance business. Especially in this day and age! And thanks for the link, you rock!

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