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How to Effortlessly Build a Website from Scratch

You’re super excited and pumped. You’re ready to help and serve people all over the country (and even the world!). And then you realize you’re going to need a top-notch website to be super successful and compete with everyone else. But…you don’t know where to start! Domains, hosting, WordPress themes…the

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grateful for in 2021

What I’m Grateful for in 2021

It’s been a whole year since I moved to Budapest, Hungary in October of 2020. 🙌. And I wanted to make this video, to show my appreciation for my friends, my family, and my clients. 😇 To share with you the things I’m grateful for, and what I look forward to this year. By the way,

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coaches sales funnel

Coaches, Watch This Before You Build A Sales Funnel…

I usually hear female coaches ask… “What are these sales funnels everyone keeps talking about?” “Do I need one?” “Are there specific sales funnels for coaches?” I totally get what you are going through. Listening to everyone else talk about sales funnels, and how these sales funnels are bringing in huge revenue for their business… While

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why your past websites didn't work by ali rand

Why Your Past Websites Didn’t Work

“Ugly. Embarrassing. Not professional.” That’s what you say whenever you go to your website. (Either with or without an F-bomb 💣) It’s gotten to the point where you’ve realized you’ve GOT to make the bleeding stop… You get NO sales or clients from it and it’s hurting your online image. So you decided to hire a

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why you're not getting coaching leads by ali rand

Why You’re Not Getting Consistent Coaching Leads

Not getting 5+ coaching leads from your website each week? Can’t remember the last time a REAL potential client used your contact form? 🙈 (And not those emails for spam guest posts or SEO 👎) It’s frustrating because… ❌ You’re doing the work! ❌ You’re posting vulnerable stories, tips and client wins on Facebook and Instagram.

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how to stand out from coaches by ali rand

How to stand out from ALL the other COACHES

How do you stand out from ALL the other COACHES?? It seems like in the last few years, the online coaching industry has boomed. 🚀 Everyday, you have a new coach in your space start their business or finally go at it full-time. ➡️ So…how are you differentiating yourself? Your business? ➡️ How are you cutting

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what it means to say no to clients by ali rand

What it Really Means to Say “No” to Potential Clients

Would you say “No” to $5,000+? 💰 I would…and I have. As a web designer, I LOVE creating gorgeous websites that book out coaches… From the initial branding and Pinterest inspiration gathering stage… 💖 All the way to editing the final pages in WordPress. BUT…I only work with clients IF you have a plan for marketing

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what you need in a website theme by ali rand

What You Need in a Website Theme

A coach the other day reached out because she couldn’t edit her WordPress site. She wanted words changed, buttons added, sections swapped out. “Ok, that seems pretty easy,” I thought (at the time…) 💪 But when I logged in, I found out she had a completely custom theme. AND…it was basically like trying to enter Fort

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