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Body Essentials Aromatherapy

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The Client

Body Essentials Aromatherapy sells all-natural artisan bath, body and aromatherapy products made from pure botanicals. So while their products were healthy and safe ingredients, their website was dark and harsh. That messaging didn’t come across and the website didn’t look like an eCommerce site. On top of that, the shop page had an issue where the products would disappear every day!

The Solution

Using their gorgeous logo as a branding starting point, we changed the color from orange to coral and then used that palette throughout the website. The home page got a facelift to convey their healthy messaging with icons and ingredient photos, as well as adding in a newsletter block to get more subscribers. I also troubleshooted the shop page and got that issue resolved, so people could finally see their lovely products.

Before & After

Home page design body essentials aromatherapy
marie eatman testimonial
Before, my website was “blah”! And I had a major glitch that neither me or my host company could figure out, my products kept disappearing off my website! I would have to go in and refresh them at least a couple times of day. For a product based business this was not good! But after working with Ali, I totally love my website now! I no longer grimace when someone asks me if I have a website, I am so proud and happy to share it! The glitch is fixed so I don’t have to stress about checking it daily. I love the “vibe’! Ali totally got what I was looking for!

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