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Hey, there. I’m Ali Rand.

I’m lucky to be able to do what I love: help entrepreneurs and growing businesses by building gorgeous conversion-focused websites that make them money.

What I Do


You may be wondering what exactly is a conversion-focused website, why you would ever need one, if it’s harder to maintain, how much more is it, what’s the meaning of life, etc. (ok, well maybe not that last one. But the answer’s 42 by the way).

Well the short answer is, it’s a website designed to turn visitors into customers. Have them click the Buy Now button or fill out your application form. Not just websites that look pretty. Ones that actually make you more sales, more money, and more freedom. The freedom to finally take that luxury vacation to Bora Bora. Bask in the sun on the pristine white sand beach, refresh with a cold daiquiri in your hand, and just feel your daily stress melt away).

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How It’s done

Ok, back to current reality. To do this, I use strategies from psychology, marketing and optimization research. I love research (nerd alert…) so I get to use my left-brain with the strategy and technology. And then I use my right-brain side to design beautiful, clean and elegant websites.

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My Background

How I got here

Maybe a little embarrassing, but since we’re all friends here, I got my first taste of HTML coding by “pimping out” my Neopets profile page in the early 2000s. Yes, I had three virtual pets and their owner just had to have a creative profile page. Shining words, cool background images, custom colors, all that jazz. That was crucial for my 10 year old self.

Since then, I’ve advanced into real page design, and refined my design style. This was due in part to my mom, who is a professional SEO Copywriter (who will do your copy if you decide to work with me!). She always had clients needing design work and I was more than happy to help out and learn everything I could.

Ali Rand Web Design EducationAnd if you’re wondering, I’m a Florida State University graduate (Finance and Accounting). So my educational background means I can understand your business and its needs. And my design experience means I can build you a stunning website that can help meet those needs. You get the best of both worlds.

Fun facts

When I’m not working…

I love traveling, riding roller coasters (traveling to ride roller coasters), piano, and comedies. Friends, The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… If you know something good to recommend, I’m all ears as I love to laugh. And I can certainly recommend some too!

Other than that, I share my life in the Orlando area with four adorable animals: two cats and two dogs. There’s a clumsy Siamese, an independent tuxedo cat, a sweet black lab mix and a feisty Border Collie mix named Sophie. Her life mission is to defend the backyard from the evil squirrels who dare to cross the brick wall fence. Current score…Sophie 124, Squirrels 502. But don’t worry, she’s planning her comeback.



Jackson & Fiona

Ali's cats Fiona and Jackson


Ali's dog Lexi


To be continued…

So now you know more about me and my business. If you’re excited and ready to take your business to the next level, feel free to take a look at my Services page. You can discover which package is perfect for you. Because my goal is to give you the strongest website foundation at this stage in your business.

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