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website design for coaches

Have your website be irresistible to clients

Providing custom website design that brings in more subscribers, clients, and opportunities

zoey wren testimonial for ali rand
Within two months of launching my new site, my coaching practice was full.

“Before working with Ali, getting new clients was a stress. Getting web support was frustrating. Ali’s genuine interest in my business, her diligence, her catching the loose ends and making sure I got a clear message across was so supportive. Within 2 months of launching my new site, my coaching practice was full! Since I felt so much better represented, more confident and more professional, it really came across to new clients. I would highly recommend her to any solopreneur looking to uplevel their game and fall more in love with their own business!”


You need your website to match your ambition.

If you’re like my clients, then you’re an INCREDIBLE coach.

You’ve racked up experience, testimonials and publicity, helping SO many people!

Of course you’re ambitious, so you plan to scale your business to 6 and 7 figures launching exciting new group programs, memberships, affiliate programs, courses or ecommerce…to reach thousands!

And that’s why you NEED the website that when your ideal clients visit, they are instantly captivated with your message and design.

paula onysko web page


are you ready?

With your upleveled website, you experience things like:
Ali is a complete dream to work with. She’s taken my brand to a whole new level of love!

“When I first reached out to Ali, my brand felt disjointed. My website was several years old and didn’t reflect the power I bring to my business coaching clients.
Ali built me a gorgeous website, several sales pages, social media graphics, and more!

Every time I get a design from her, I’m in absolute awe because it’s SO good. In the first year of working with Ali, I’ve been able to launch 5 programs. This is a huge win, because before, technology and design would have slowed me down. Not anymore!

I get compliments on my brand all the time. It’s cohesive, powerful and elegant… just what I wanted to help sky-rocket my business and impact.”


my signature design service


Get the website that immediately kicks off the next chapter of your coaching business.

This experience is completely custom-tailored to YOU. We deep dive into every crevice of your business and strategize & design your new website to effortlessly transform visitors into subscribers…into clients…into forever fans.

springboard to sales materials

Website Platform Options:

WordPress logo
Squarespace logo
Inside Springboard to Sales, you get:

strategy call

We kick-off our project with a Strategy Call to go over EVERYTHING about your business and website needs. You also find out what you need to provide to get started, how we communicate and your timeline/due dates (if you roll that way).

brand design

If you don't have a brand yet, you get a logo, color palette and fonts to suit your business and style. And you get it in a beautiful PDF to give to future team members so your brand remains consistent across social media or printing.

copy cheatsheets

If you struggle to write about yourself, you're not alone! Use my page templates to help craft your message using easy prompts and I'll even review it after to make sure it's as captivating and clear as possible.

google-friendly seo

You can't just plop words and images on a page, and call it a day to impress Google. Instead, you get your website built with SEO strategies to boost your rankings online, get Google Analytics integrated and get found more often by locals.

coaching technology automation

From scheduling clients to creating payment plans, there's a lot behind the scenes. We review your workflow & tech subscriptions to create a seamless customer journey with automation and efficiency (and save you money with cost-effective alternatives if available!). Plus your site has email marketing setup and any social media features.

website training & support

One of my core beliefs is that every client should feel empowered to edit their website (ex. make immediate sales page tweaks at 9pm on a Sunday!). That's why we have a recorded website training session after launch to go over everything to make you 100% website confident.

There are millions of web designers...

But they don't specialize in websites for coaches.

But I do

So this means you get a LOT more than just design...

working with me means...

You get everything you need for a 6+ figure coaching business


Every page is valuable

As your business grows, be able to quickly create new pages. Got a new freebie or webinar? In one click, pages can be cloned and tweaked easily to fit the new offer.

Plus, since your business is unique, you choose what YOU need:

  • Landing/Freebie Opt-in Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Webinar/Training Opt-In Pages
  • Webinar/Training Replay Page (with optional sales page combo)
  • Media or Speaker Page
  • Podcast Page/Episodes Pages
  • Testimonials/Case Study Page
  • Application Page
  • And more!
coach website pages
application funnel

joining you

Have a clear way to work with you

As a coach, you have many options for clients to work with you in that first step. So you get your website aligned with your business preferences.

  • Consult/Discovery Call: Clients schedule an appointment with you via your online scheduler to see if you are a good fit
  • Application Funnel: Have a potential client apply to work with you via a discovery form (and we can automate what happens if they aren’t a good fit to save you time!)
  • Direct Checkout: Clients purchase your offer via a checkout page and pay immediately

Not sure which you need? We’ll figure it out in your Strategy Call.


Impress your clients from the get-go

Make the entry into your world exciting and seamless for your clients.

  • Discover whether to give electronic contracts or have clients accept a “terms & conditions” button
  • Find the optimal way to accept payments for your business…whether that’s invoicing or checkout pages
  • If you need subscription plans or multiple client payments, let’s go over your options
  • Ready for courses or membership sites? There are a lot of options, so let’s find out what’s the best for your situation and get that ball rolling!
online payment options
scheduler calendly


Find times that work for both of you

Having multiple coaching clients means you need a reliable scheduler to your calendar. 

I help you get your scheudler of choice setup (ex. Calendly, Squarespace/Acuity Scheduling, etc.) so clients can book a time with you and have the appointment synced appointments synced to your calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud Calendar).

springboard to sales materials
Get Started

You could either pay a salesperson an average salary of $45,730


Get your sales-machine website that works 24/7/365

Apply Now:

How It Works

What happens when you apply?



The application is where you pop in your project details. After, we’ll schedule a time to talk more about your website and what you’re looking for. If it feels right, we kick off Springboard to Sales with an invoice/contract after the call.



Now we get the ball rolling with some initial homework, and you provide copy and images. I then work on your brand design and send you visual PDFs of how your pages look with color/font options.


Build & Launch

Once you've provided feedback and approval, it's time to build your site! It's then analyzed and tweaked for SEO, mobile-responsiveness, and performance issues. All your links work, and your technology automation is working smoothly. That means it's launch time!!

Client Showcase

check out my past work

Josea Testimonial
Anita Charlot testimonial-01
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Emily Murray feedback for Ali Rand web design project for Cascadia Seller Solutions
Christina Evans feedback for Ali Rand web design project for Cascadia Seller Solutions
"Thank you so much for helping me "uplevel" my brand online."

“As a busy dual-preneur, taking care of all the components of doing a website on my own was just too much to deal with, and so it was always something that I was going to “eventually get to.”

With you onboard, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. You answered all my questions and provided suggestions based on market trends that I wouldn’t have ever known about.

I am so excited about the new website AND the fact that I can now focus on more strategic initiates since you have the website all handled. So happy to have had you on this journey with me!!!”

—anita charlot, executive relationship coach for women

anita charlot relationship coach testimonial for ali rand
josea tamira crossley testimonial for ali rand
"I feel soooooo good about showing my site to people..."

“I feel like I can confidently send people there knowing they will get a good feel for who I am and what I offer.

I now have a pretty full client load and have new inquiries almost daily! I recommend her to anyone who wants a site that really represents who they are and what they do, or to anyone whose site just needs an upgrade to represent their own evolution.”

—josea tamira crossley, Somatic Counsellor & Craniosacral Therapist

is it a fit?

This is for you if you've ever said...

"My website doesn't reflect me."

You've outgrown your old brand and website, so it doesn't align with who you serve and where you want to go. We're talking the wrong colors, images, or overall vibe.

"I want to launch more programs."

Your plan to scale your business to 6-figures involves launching exciting new group programs, memberships, affiliate programs, courses or ecommerce...but your current site isn't ready for all that (like at all).

"I want consistent clients."

Getting clients for you is stressful. Your income is unstable and you're not hitting the consistent $5K, $10K or $20K months you want.

“Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What platform is my website built on?

If you use any of the major platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix or Kajabi, we're good to go! On our consult call we discuss your business and website needs to make sure you're building your "online home" on the right platform. And if you're considering changing platforms, you'll be guided through the process to make it as easy as possible.

Why should I work with you vs. an agency or other designer?

Because you get to work one-on-one with me, you get a dedicated website partner. You aren’t just an invoice number in a large agency. You get my full attention as you are my priority. This allows you to get your website completed in 6 weeks, instead of dragging on for months and months from shuffling through project managers in agencies.

Do you help with copywriting?

I'm happy to look over and edit your copy, and you are also provided with coach-specific templates for all your pages to have copy that's clear and compelling. But if you'd rather not do it yourself, I'm happy to proivde a professional copywrting package can be added on for $2k for 5 pages.

How soon can we start?

Here’s the deal: I only work with 1-2 clients at a time to make sure you have my full focus. And since Springboard to Sales is a 6 week program, I’m booking out about 2-3 months into the future! So if you want to make sure you have your new website & tech ready for your next program launch or reaching out for more publicity opportunities, don’t wait to apply!

What if I have no tech skills? Will I be able to edit my site later?

Totally! Years ago, you were stuck having to know HTML and CSS to edit your site. Today it’s a completely different story! After we finish, we have a recorded Zoom meeting going over everything to make you 100% comfortable and confident in using and editing your site on your own. Usually it's as easy as drag-and-drop 🙂

Will I get a return on my investment?

My clients typically earn their money back within two to three months after launch...and then the profits start rolling in from there. But this package isn’t for you if you aren’t marketing or advertising your business (or plan to). Because the saying “If you build it, they will come” doesn’t quite work for websites. Even if your website is unbelievably gorgeous, has persuasive copy that would charm the birds from the trees, and is SEO-optimized so Google adores you, it only collects dust until you start telling people and marketing it. So if you’re out there on social media, blogging, doing interviews, etc. then this package is specifically designed to skyrocket your business!

Will my website be SEO friendly? Will it look good on mobile?

Yes, and yes! Google will love your site, and everyone on their phones will have a great experience.

What do I need to have ready to start with you?

My most successful clients come ready with a clear idea of who their ideal clients are, the details of their service offers, and photos from a photoshoot (or a plan to get one once we meet and have a brand plan). Everything else we cover together (ex. help with setting up domain, web hosting, email addresses, email marketing, scheduling, payment processing, invoice, contracts, etc.) You now have a web/tech partner to turn to for streamlining your business!

What life looks like with

Springboard to Sales

more clients from website

new clients, more sales

When your ideal clients visit your website, they are instantly captivated with your message and design.

They sign up for your freebies to get on your email list. They fantasize about your enticing services and programs because they sound so perfect for their situation.

Clients email YOU begging to work with you so you attract your new clients with ease.


events & publicity

You’re being asked to speak at more events due to you now looking like the expert in your field.

You hand out your business card with total confidence to all potential clients knowing they won’t be scared away anymore by your website.

Your online image gives you confidence to book more and more high-publicity events and podcasts, where more clients will learn and love you!

easier technology

ready for growth

Launch new programs and offers quickly and effortlessly as all you have to do is clone & customize existing pages & email marketing funnels!

All your email marketing and technology has been streamlined and organized so you save money and have no more “tech-overload” headaches.

You are constantly inspired by your new elevated brand image that you are motivated to grow your business to new heights!

Design Love


To be completely honest (and a bit selfish), I want you to be head over heels in love with your website! I want you to be so successful that I shout your wins from the rooftops (well…at least Facebook!).

That’s why you get full-color PDFs of how your pages look WAAAAY before we ever build the real deal and you’re stuck with the design. You just open the PDF full-screen in a program like Adobe Reader and you experience what the page would look like live online.

If you’re not loving the initial design after two revisions, you get a complete refund of every penny you’ve spent. So no risk of not falling madly in love with your new online home!

Meet Your New Web Partner

Hi, I'm


I’m the website & tech partner for coaches desiring stunning, strategic, and sales-generating websites to fast-track their plans for 6+ figure businesses.

(Short version…I simply make your website spectacular!)

In spite of being weird, awkward, and nerdy (or perhaps because of it…), my business has thrived so I work and live around the world (Helló from Budapest!). And the best part is that I get to help amazing clients get results like:

  • Making $15K from my sales page for her in-person retreat
  • Booking out a niche online group program for over $6.5K in just 27 days
  • 315% increase in sales in just 1 month
  • Launching 5 new offers in one year (all sales pages, marketing, graphics!)
about web designer ali rand
"I appreciated Ali being my website PARTNER."

“Before, I was spending too much time fiddling with my Wix site and still not really being able to get the result I envisioned. Although I didn’t have too many fears, hiring a web design partner was new for me!

But now after Ali designed my new WordPress site, I feel calm and excited all at once! I’m calm because my website captures everything I want it to and it’s exciting because this website serves as a solid foundation for my upcoming business growth. Ali’s instructions are clear and her communication is efficient! I also appreciated Ali being my website PARTNER; it made me feel at ease to ask questions as we went along or ask for help when I felt stuck.”

—jessica yip, "calling in the one" relationship coach

jessica yip testimonial for ali rand
"I got my first client within 2 weeks!

“I know the stereotype that web designers often overpromise and underdeliver, but Ali is all that she promises and more! What a joy to work with, from the content forms to help creativity to her demeanor, expert knowledge and clean, crisp and inviting website design. Before, my website had no activity whatsoever…but after we launched my new website, I got my first client within 2 weeks! I couldn’t have found a better web designer!”

—Vanessa Tennyson, Executive & Leadership Coach

"We're very excited about having a more modern looking website!"

“Ali was so easy to work with! She’s always professional, had prompt responses, and went the extra mile to make sure the site was designed perfectly.”

—SHERALYN BALTES, Senior Technical Writer & Product Manager, One Eighty Capital

sheralyn baltes testimonial for ali rand

If you're still reading...

You have 2 options:

You could wait to redo your website until it’s a “good time”…while continuing to leave money on the table.

You could keep hustling every day with social media posts and videos…while not seeing more subscribers or clients.

You could continue being frustrated and embarrassed about your business lagging behind everyone else’s.


You take ACTION and finally cross your website off your to-do-list (Feel that stress lifting off your shoulders?)

Having a 6+ figure business is now in reach…bypassing years of futile struggle.

Viewing your website and new brand gives you instant high-energy vibes as it’s so inspiring and beautiful.

You hand out business cards with confidence, knowing your prospect will be just as impressed with your website as meeting you in person.

Your confidence leads you to pursue more podcasts, guest posts, and interviews…knowing people check out your website and become future fans.

Your entire business & systems are clear, organized and brand-inspiring…so you’re more aligned with your higher purpose and ready to more deeply step into the CEO role.

When you love how you look on your website, you’re inspired to pursue bigger clients, programs, and dreams.

Get the website that immediately kicks off the next chapter of your coaching business.


ready to get more clients?

Get a free website audit to improve your coaching business

After designing sites for 50+ coaches and entrepreneurs, I’m giving you a quick website audit to show you how to book more clients & make more sales for your business online.

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