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AliCare is a monthly package that maintains your website for complete peace of mind.

You're busy working on your business, and all those WordPress updates are killing you!

You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and energy on your business website and you want to make sure you don’t lose it all.

But you don’t want to spend your precious free time worrying about keeping your website safe and updated.

You want your business website lasting for years, always safe and available for sales.

You need a website partner who handles all your tech duties, so you can focus on finding more clients.

"Instead of wasting time and money, I just shoot Ali an email and all our website requests are handled."

Jason Stuempfig testimonial as 180Commerce for Ali Rand Websites

Jason Stuempfig


Life after AliCare:




Every month you get:

What happens when you click the button:

  1. You fill out your name and email.
  2. You get an email from me with your contract and invoice.
  3. You sign, pay and then you get your intake form.
  4. Then we get started and you’re done!

"After coming to Ali for help after my site was hacked, she cleaned it and has kept it safe and up-to-date ever since!"


Pamela Loudon




Every month you stop:

"Thank you for keeping an eye on the website and continuing to improve running our operation."


shawn mahshie

Life Coach,


Technology is constantly evolving…and so is your business. Without performing security updates, your website is at a greater risk of getting hacked and you losing your site. And you want to have your website reflect your business’s current state.
You will get your backups sent to your preferred cloud location (ex. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.). Or else, they will be emailed to you each month and you can store them on your own computer.
Even with the strongest security, there’s always a chance of getting hacked due to technology changes. But you are protected as well as you can be with premium security plugins and additional measures. You also get monthly backups, so even if there is a problem, you can get back to normal quickly.
No worries! You can get the help you need with my hourly rate of $125. It is added to your next month’s invoice and you get your website’s changes made quickly.

You can get any other of your questions happily answered by contacting me here.




Every month you get:

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