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Learn to clearly maintain your site the right way. Everything from backups to security, you get it all!
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Does this sound like you?

You’ve invested so much time and money on your website, it’s like your web baby. But, you have this nagging fear at the back of your mind that your site will get hacked or broken. There’s so much technical stuff and you don’t think you’re protecting your site correctly. You just don’t want to lose your website!


What you want and deserve.

You want to clearly see what steps you need to take care of your website. Everything from backups to security to even legal matters. You want to maintain your site with easy to follow instructions and with an organized schedule to keep. Confidence over confusion. That’s what you need.


Let’s do this!

It’s time to finally get the clear maintenance plan you’ve always wanted (and perhaps needed). Over the course of 5 days, you’ll learn how to make your website run like a well-oiled machine. You’ll get insights on why the tasks are important, when you need to do them, and how to do them – the right way!

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What you’ll learn.

You get 5 days worth of valuable lessons delivered straight to your inbox.

lesson 1


Security covers protecting your logins and fortifying your site. The first defense against hackers is strong credentials. So we’ll walkthrough how to ensure you protect your site’s login. Then we’ll cover some other features that improve your site’s security through plugins.

lesson 2


Backups will teach you the 3 methods of backing up your website. We’ll review the pros and cons of each method, and then how to do the methods. We’ll then dive deeper into manual backups so you’re never left hanging if the other methods fail. You’ll be able to manually backup your site after this lesson.

lesson 3


Updates is all about those WordPress updates. Especially if you keep those updates accumulating (and here, a high score doesn’t win…). You’ll finally have the confidence to update your site. We go over why updating is important, but also why it can be risky. We’ll go over how to fix some update problems. And since you’ve learned to back up your site in the previous lesson, you’ll be prepared if there’s an issue.

lesson 4


Performance dives into the things you should be doing to keep your site running strong (but probably aren’t). We’ll walkthrough how to keep your performing well with all free tools. You’ll have a better workflow for uploading your content on your website.

lesson 5


Legal explains what pages or features your website should have so it complies with the law. And then we’ll add renewal notices to our maintenance plan. That way we never lose our website due to communication errors.

Get your FREE 5-day email course and say good-bye to your worries.


From my students…

Arfa Nazeer Testimonial for Worry Free WordPress Course
Arfa Nazeer, Epife
The Worry-Free WordPress course is an outstanding step-by-step guide that helped me secure my website from scratch. It walked me through the criteria of doing website backups, updates, and even, improving site performance. It was so easy to follow. I have already kept this course safe with me so that I can always read and take the appropriate steps.
This 5 Day Course by Ali is JUST what I needed to get me on track. I was so lost with starting a blog and not really understanding security or how to do it. I found Ali and she suggested this course, I immediately jumped on it! Straightforward, easy to understand for a newbie like me and gave instruction on much-needed security for my site as well as other things I had not thought about. I don’t want to spill all the information in this course, you’ll just have to sign up for it see what Ali can help you with!
Loren Eddings testimonial for Worry Free WordPress Course
Loren, Aroma to Zen
Chester Lechadores testimonial for Ali Rand maintenance course Worry-Free WordPress
Chester Lechadores, The Debt Free Journey
Your 5-day Worry-Free WordPress course was just the information I needed and very easy to follow. Now my site is running as it should and I now have backups just in case . The one awesome feature I loved was the ‘broken link checker’, who would’ve known? If I hadn’t gotten this info, my site would have still had the 7 links that were broken which was slowing it down. Being a newbie and not having resources to pay for premium plug-ins, your course which was FREE to begin with, was just the perfect guide I needed to make sure my site was good to go. I can’t thank you enough!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Thank you so much for your Worry-Free WordPress course, Ali! It’s great to finally know WHY I need to do some of the standard maintenance tasks. Your easy-to-follow instructions had me taking actions that I had been putting off because I just wasn’t sure that I’d do them right. Thank you for giving me some confidence . I still have work to do on the legal pages, but I know what to do and where to find the answers to get that done, too. Thank you for the peace of mind your course provided!
Donna Doyon Worry-Free wordPress Testimonial for Ali Rand
Donna Doyon,
Heidi testimonial for Worry-Free WordPress
Heidi, Finding Life’s Corners
Thank you so much for the Worry-Free WordPress course. It was aptly named! As a new blogger, I was overwhelmed with all the information out there. This course gave me the peace of mind that I had certain aspects of my site security under control, and helped me to strengthen areas where I was lacking.
Like many self employed small business owners, I didn’t have access to funds so I had to learn to do everything by myself. One of the things I had no idea about was websites and everything related to them, I didn’t even know the difference between hosting and domains! Fast forward I learn the hard way what it means not to have a back up or proper website security. For those just starting in business Ali’s course is an essential introduction to how to run your website. I wish I had this guidance at the beginning. The course is easy to read through, instructions are easy to follow and implement . All in all I’d definitely recommended.
Alexandra Merisoiu testimonial for Ali Rand Worry Free WordPress course
Alexandra Merisoiu, The Merisoiu Technique
Tasha Robinson testimonial for Worry Free WordPress
Tasha S. Robinson, Imperfect Concepts
Ali’s WordPress security five day free course is far from fluffed. Each day, I learned something valuable for my company be it the different types of ways to back up my website or amazing free plugins. I would highly recommend this to small business owners, creatives, bloggers and more.
I can honestly say that this mini email course is probably the most valuable, content packed freebie I have used! Thank you so much for creating it! I have added it to my Ultimate List of FREEBIES for Bloggers because I totally think my audience needs to do this course! The back up section was particularly important as I had done nothing to back up my site so far! Again thank you so much!
Simon Zaku testimonial for Ali Rand Worry Free WordPress Course
Simon Zaku,
When I signed up for the course, I expected really less than I got. It’s Punchy, straight to the point, has really actionable takeaways in every email and absolutely helpful. Will refer to some emails until I’m done putting together my website. Highly recommended course if you want to build your dream WordPress blog. Thanks, Ali!
We really enjoyed your course and the practical advice/steps to complete for each lesson. The lesson on increasing site speed was very informative and we made sure to complete all the steps which really helped improve our speed. We are in the process of applying for a copyright and the link in the course was great to get us to the right place!
megan and tim testimonial

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