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One Eighty Capital

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The Client

One Eighty Capital is a private equity firm for small to mid-sized companies outside of Chicago. Their old website was outdated, didn’t reflect that they had a full team, and was embarrasing to send potential investors to.

The Solution

They wanted their new website to have a professional look and feel, in a clean/modern design, be easy to understand, and have sections for their portfolio companies. So I used photography from the Chicago area and a serif/sans-serif font combination to achieve this look, while highlighting their portfolio companies in lightbox popups.

Before & After

Sheralyn Baltes One Eighty Capital Testimonial
“Our firm is very excited about having a more modern looking website! Ali was so easy to work with! She’s always professional, had prompt responses, and went the extra mile to make sure the site was designed perfectly.”
Sheralyn Baltes
Senior Technical Writer & Product Manager, One Eighty Capital

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