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Trade Show Wiz

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The Client

Trade Show Wiz is a consulting service helping businesses create magical trade show experiences that increase sales. However, their old website fell flat in the wow/magic department. Generic blog images were used instead of trade show imagery, and the OptimizePress theme left the site unprofessional with no client inquiries. It needed an updated branded feel with strategic calls to action to get people on the phone or opting in to their eBook.

The Solution

This was one of my favorite Before and Afters, as we totally upgraded their brand and site! Using founder Evelyn’s revised and bold purple and yellow magical logo as a springboard, I developed a new design that incorporated the branding elements. The pages use trade show and industry images and each page has a call to action for visitors. The whole website and blog now are cohesive in look and purpose!

Before & After

Trade Show Wiz multiple screens
Services page Trade Show Wiz

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