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⚠️ Attention: Coaches, Course Creators, and Service-Based Entrepreneurs ⚠️

if you're planning a new website, this is for you...

Claim Your FREE "Website Redesign Roadmap" Planning Session

BONUS: The 9 Deadly Mistakes You Must Know Before Redesigning Your Website PDF

$237 Total Value!

9 Deadly Web Redesign Mistakes
Plus you get this BONUS: The 9 Deadly Mistakes You Must Know Before Redesigning Your Website

Here's what we cover in our 30-minute call:

I only take 4 of these calls a month so grab a spot now!
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meet ali rand

Why should you listen to me?

For almost 5 years, I’ve been helping dozens of coaches, course-creators, and service-based entrepreneurs redesign their new sites.

I’ve refined through trial and error the exact step-by-step website redesign process for Wix, Squarespace, or current WordPress websites…so you don’t get caught by all the hidden dangers (because there are a TON!)

So click the button below to jump on a call with me (no-pitch, just value) and let’s get your new website one step closer to going live!


still not sure?

My "Don't Walk Away Empty-Handed" Guarantee

On this call, we create your unique roadmap that shows clearly how to get from where you are today to where you want to be.

If after our call, you don’t come away with a clear, actionable website redesign plan that you can jump into that very day…I’ll personally send you $150 to compensate for your time.

👇 i only take 4 of these calls a month so grab a slot in my calendar below! 👇

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last thing

P.S. This is your last chance to save yourself from wasting hours and hours online or hundreds of dollars researching your redesign problems. Because they do come up...

Take the 30-minute session here to make sure you're ready to protect your website in the transition. Your business is worth it!


ready to get more clients?

Get a free website audit to improve your coaching business

After designing sites for 50+ coaches and entrepreneurs, I’m giving you a quick website audit to show you how to book more clients & make more sales for your business online.

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