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Go From Blogger to Vlogger in Just 5 Simple Steps

Videos have become increasingly popular for adding content to your business in the last few years.

From vlogging to Facebook lives to video testimonials, people love watching videos and it doesn’t seem like this trend is going to stop anytime soon!

So I’m sure you’ve probably considered taking your written word to a spoken version and braving it in front of the camera.

There are a plethora of choices when it comes to producing a quality video. For stamping your mark on YouTube or even uploading content to your website, you can do it without spending a fortune employing a production company to do it for you.

The sheer number of videos uploaded to YouTube is staggering. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.

This proves that the facilities to upload are readily available for the masses although the quality varies hugely.

However, it’s essential to note that if you have watched a poorly recorded video, it doesn’t necessarily equate to inadequate equipment, as in turn the best or most expensive stuff does not always a quality video make.

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Step 1: Use What You Have

There are countless resources at your disposal depending on the quality and quantity of videos you are looking to produce and your intended audience.

To lower your budget, rather than buying a new camera, experiment with devices that you already own.

A smartphone is a great place to start as is a laptop.Review the laptop specification and check for a built-in HD webcam that shoots 720p video, this will be more than adequate.

vlogging with your smartphone

If you are finding the results are lacking you could try an external USB webcam, and go for one with a minimum of 1080p video capability.

webcam for videos for your website
This should improve or if it is the sound quality causing concern, attaching an external microphone may do the trick. This will also work for most smartphones.  

Step 2: Steady On

Pay attention to the finer points such as image stability, lighting and picture composition.

Mount the camera or phone on a tripod for stability as a stable image will always look better than one created with an unsteady handheld camera.

tripod for video stability
Of paramount importance is to shoot your videos from a horizontal perspective as vertical videos do not work aesthetically on YouTube.

Step 3: It’s Lit!

Digital cameras can produce fantastic images when there is plenty of light to work with, yet will always struggle in low or soft light, resulting in dirty or grainy photos.

It helps to consider your background, to offer as little clutter as possible. The best option is a brightly lit, white-walled room.

Dimmable, battery-powered LED lights you can place into a camera mount on a tripod are inexpensive and work well, but you may find you go through a lot of batteries, consider rechargeables or the cost to replace them could skyrocket.

Placing a desk lamp or spotlight above and behind the camera will produce a brightening effect, but if the resulting images look a little harsh, you can put greaseproof or tissue paper in front to soften the light.

lighting for your vlog or video
Remember to keep any paper you may use well away from hot bulbs to avoid the risk of a fire.

Step 4: Sounds Good

You need to make sure your sound quality is doing your video justice.
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Not only are high-end microphones expensive they are often conspicuous.

microphone for your vlog or video
Fortunately and happily, even a cheap lapel mic will produce better quality results than relying solely on your built-in mic.

Another alternative will be gaming headsets if you are comfortable wearing them.

Step 5: Action!

Now all you have to do is record your video on your topic and publish to a site like YouTube or Vimeo.

If recording from a smartphone, look for apps or settings that allow publishing straight to the platform from your phone.

Then once your video has been uploaded and published, you can create a blog post in WordPress.

Just go to New Post and choose the format for Video. There you can insert your video’s URL and add any other description, titles, images like a normal post.

format video in WordPress

Video format insert field in wordpress
But when you publish, your video will be center stage for viewing!


Working on all of the above can put you well on the path to producing videos that you, and the world, will be proud of.

Not to mention, increase sales as clients can see and trust you more.

So are you going to start doing videos soon? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Ahhh. Thanks for this! I’m feeling so overwhelmed starting in the vlogging world! I definitely have a ways to go but at least I’m starting somewhere!


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