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Turf Life


The Client

The Turf Life brand is targeted for those playing on the turf or helping to maintain it, led by Terrie Purdum. As well as selling decals, clothing, and accessories with their branding, Turf Life showcases sports, businesses, education and their enjoyment of the outdoors. They also appreciate for the hard work and science that goes into maintaining and developing a sustainable turf environment.

The Solution

Unlike other projects, this was solely a cosmetic website makeover using Wix, instead of WordPress. There were elements that made navigating the site hard for visitors, due to placement and colors. And the website was not looking good on mobile – sections were all over the place, some were missing, and some were cut off. I went through the site and made things easier, as well as making sure the mobile experience went smoothly. This led to a 47% increase in subscribers and 23% increase in sales in the following 2 weeks.

Before & After


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